Revenue Cycle Management

From the first charge submitted to the final payment posted, MMRI manages your revenue cycle and keeps tabs on your financial health so you don’t have to.

Maximizing Revenue & Minimizing Risks

To maximize our clients’ potential revenue, MMRI employs a team of experienced billing specialists, certified coders, practice managers, and IT experts to ensure that you receive every dollar owed to you.

Specialized Teams To Keep You Covered

Whether you are an anesthesia provider requiring concurrency tracking, a radiology provider generating PQRS reporting, or an administrator tracking trends within your organization, you’re empowered to get what you need, when it’s needed,

Dedicated Patient Portal & Call Team

As experienced billers, our Patient Call Specialists are able to explain Billings to patients in a friendly and reassuring manner. Plus, our patient portal allows quick and accurate feedback on billing statements.

Care to Delve Deeper?

For the detail oriented, our white pages and brochures get into the nitty-gritty of what sets MMRI apart. Take a peek at our information package and don’t be afraid to reach out to us if there’s something we didn’t cover.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our fees vary by specialty and size of the practice, since the resources necessary to perform billing vary widely depending on those two factors. If you would like a firm quote from us for your particular practice, we would be happy to provide one, once we know more about your practice.

Depending on the complexity of account set up and the type and amount of services we will be providing, your account will be up and running in approximately 60-90 days.

Our goal is to provide prompt and friendly service to all clients. MMRI's staff is organized by specialty and is highly knowledgeable about the practices they serve. As a client, you will get to know the MMRI staff member(s) that will service your account and answer your inquiries. If your account contact person is unavailable for any reason when you call MMRI, you will be forwarded to another team member knowledgeable about your specialty that will be able to help you.

To measure our success, we use specialty and region-specific benchmark data from national organizations, such as MGMA. We also employ our own internal benchmarking process created from over 20 years of billing experience. MMRI uses a variety of benchmark standards to provide clients with information on how their practice is doing compared to similar practices.

"ASP" is the acronym for "Application Service Provider." (You may be familiar with the term "ISP" or internet service provider). As an ASP, MMRI allows clients to utilize our practice management system to do their billing with their own staff. This model - the client accessing our system with their own staff - is called "Shared Service". Shared Service is an alternative for a practice which does not want to purchase and operate its own practice management system, yet does not want to hire a full-service billing company.

The best guarantee we can give you is the fact that we use this very same system to service our own clients. MMRI is therefore not only the administrator of our GE Centricity Group Management system, but also its largest single user. We have found the CGM System to be robust and flexible, able to serve large and small clients equally well. CGM is powerful, sophisticated, and backed by GE's reputation for quality and reliability.

We have a detailed backup storage system for compiling and storing daily backup tapes in a secure off-site location so that if a disaster struck, we could reconstruct all client data.

Our coders have extensive experience coding radiology, anesthesia, surgery, and many other specialties. They are certified through AHIMA, AAPC, and RBMA (Some of our coders have multiple certifications. Our coders come from many different backgrounds, including medical records management, practice management, medical billing, and nursing.

Operational assessments, E&M documentation and coding assessments, in-service training, and contracted practice administration services.

Our practice management staff is highly knowledgeable about healthcare compliance and HIPAA regulations. We can assist groups with assessing your practices, developing a compliance plan, and implementing policies and procedures, among many other services.

The Office of the Inspector General has targeted documentation and coding practices for intense scrutiny in the past several years. A professional documentation and coding review can reveal risk areas within your practice and give you the knowledge and tools to correct them. Many practices have come to regard their annual Documentation and Coding Assessment as an integral part of their compliance effort.

Even under the best circumstances, the enrollment process can be very long. The time frame varies depending on the payer, but typically would be approximately 1-4 months.

No. We have a number of clients who contract with us solely for enrollment services.

We’re eager to work with you.

Let us know which services you’re interested in learning more about.
We’ll reach out to you to discuss your needs and how MMRI can fulfill them.